Videochat Connector

Main features:

  • Real time video chat conversations
  • Scheduled video chat conversations
  • Real time chat and document sharing
  • Mobile and desktop supportability using WebRTC
  • Video recording (SD & HD) and store recordings using AWS-S3 or MS-Container (BYOS, Bring Your Own Storage model)
  • Seamless integration to Genesys Cloud, just in a few and quick steps
  • “Consume as you need” model without commitments.

Digital Conversations Connector

Main features

  • API for inbound/outbound messaging
  • Channels Supported: SMS, Telegram, Wahtsapp, Facebook Messenge
  • Seamless integration to Genesys Cloud via API Chat, just in a few and quick steps
  • Media enrichment by supporting images, videos, audio, docs, location, gifs and emojis
  • Keyword routing support
  • Agent capability to share media (Document uploader)
  • Outbound campaigns (Campaign manager, API for bulk upload)
  • Metrics and reporting managed by Genesys Cloud
  • “Consume as you need” model without commitments.

Digital Campaign Manager

Main features

  • Integration to customer SMS local broker via web services
  • Send single SMS/WhatsApp HSM & Campaigns
  • REST API to integrate external systems (bulk contacts upload)
  • Create SMS/WhatsApp templates for personalized campaigns (up to 4 variables)
  • Integration to Genesys Cloud business triggers (wrapup codes, etc)
  • Schedule automatic campaigns management
  • Real time dashboard & Historic Reports
  • Inbound SMS interaction (short or long code, country coverage)
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